Effect of side chains on the dielectric properties of alkyl esters derived from palm kernel oil

A.A. Abdelmalik, J.C. Fothergill, S.J. Dodd, A.P. Abbott, R.C. Harris
2011 2011 IEEE International Conference on Dielectric Liquids  
Alkyl ester derivatives were synthesized from laboratory purified palm kernel oil. The steps in the synthesis involved transesterification of palm kernel oil to produce a methyl ester, followed by epoxidation and then the grafting of side chains by esterification with propionic and butyric anhydride. The dielectric and thermal properties of the ester derivatives were analyzed and compared with the methyl ester. The melting point of the ester derivatives were found to reduce with side chain
more » ... ith side chain attachment and antioxidant improved its thermal stability. The dielectric loss was dominated by mobile charged particles and the chemical modification appeared to increase the rate at which electric double layer was formed at the electrodeliquid interface. The esters possessed excellent breakdown strengths suggesting that the processing to optimize their physical properties did not have a negative influence on their electrical breakdown strength. This product may prove useful as an insulation fluid in Electrical Power Transformers. Keywords-ester derivatives; palm kernel oil; viscosity; thermal stability; dielectric response; dielectric breakdown I.
doi:10.1109/icdl.2011.6015413 fatcat:lgdys5lj4bfxbgpadg3apuw6ka