Agile Requirement Engineer : Roles and Responsibilities

Vishvadeep Tripathi, Arvind Goyal
2014 IJISET-International Journal of Innovative Science, Engineering & Technology   unpublished
Software development in its own is a very complex process and if requirement is not stable and keep changing from the requirement gathering to development phase then it becomes very difficult to implement. Software projects which are getting frequent requirement change and requirements are very dynamic in nature uses agile software development methodology. In this type of software development software requirement management and software configuration management happens to be the most important
more » ... the most important part. Agile software development needs considerable modification in the software requirement phase, software design phase and coding phase as agile methodology works on iterative manner in this methodology one part of software is analyzed, designed, developed and delivered during each iteration. Traditional requirement engineering and agile requirement engineering are two very different approaches and have their own methods to plan and control requirements. In this paper we will distinguish agile and traditional requirement engineering approaches and we will identify roles and responsibilities of requirement engineering.