Capacitor Voltage Control in a Cascaded Multilevel Inverter as a Static Var Generator

M. Li, J. Chiasson, L. Tolbert
2006 2006 5th International Power Electronics and Motion Control Conference  
The widespread use of non-linear loads and power electronics converters has increased the generation of nonsinusoidal and non-periodic currents and voltages in power systems. Reactive power compensation or control is an important part of a power system to minimize power transmission losses. Given a modulation index, the switch times can be chosen to achieve the fundamental while eliminating specific harmonics. However, the resulting total harmonic distortion (THD) depends on the modulation
more » ... (see [1][2] ). This work considers the control of the DC capacitor voltage in such a way that one can operate at the modulation index which results in the minimum THD. This paper presents the development of specific control algorithms for a cascaded multilevel inverter to be used for static var compensation.
doi:10.1109/ipemc.2006.297369 fatcat:shvpzqigangurdiawwrtcr7xvq