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2019 unpublished
The authors studied the removal of bacteria from water using the principle of froth flotation through compressed air only without any chemicals. This study shows that some 55% of bacterial cfu/ml can be reduced by froth flotation without chemicals. The manuscript is well organized. Specific comments are below: Page 2, line 75: the table 1 is not necessary to show the details of the iPad. Abstract: These sentences should be in introduction part other than in abstract: "The main technique for
more » ... n technique for removing bacteria from water for various applications is chemical disinfection. However, this method has many disadvantages such as producing disinfectant by-products (DBPs), biofilm formation and either rendering the water unpotable C1
doi:10.5194/dwes-2018-28-rc1 fatcat:fwyeyflmafaeffae3puqowzok4