Shared Data Set for Free-Text Keystroke Dynamics Authentication Algorithms [post]

Augustin-Catalin Iapa, Vladimir-Ioan Cretu
2021 unpublished
Identifying or authenticating a computer user are necessary steps to keep systems secure on the network and to prevent fraudulent users from accessing accounts. Keystroke dynamics authentication can be used as an additional authentication method. Keystroke dynamics involves in-depth analysis of how you type on the keyboard, analysis of how long a key is pressed or the time between two consecutive keys. This field has seen a continuous growth in scientific research. In the last five years alone,
more » ... about 10,000 scientific researches in this field have been published. One of the main problems facing researchers is the small number of public data sets that include how users type on the keyboard. This paper aims to provide researchers with a data set that includes how to type free text on the keyboard by 80 users. The data were collected in a single session via a web platform. The dataset contains 410,633 key-events collected in a total time interval of almost 24 hours. In similar research, most datasets are with texts written by users in English. The language in which the users wrote for this research is Romanian. This paper also provides an extensive analysis of the data set collected and presents relevant information for the analysis of the data set in future research.
doi:10.20944/preprints202105.0255.v1 fatcat:6a5i5tngsverzgxoocodoy3i2e