Analysis on Bulk Pharmaceutical Formulation, Validation and Estimation Using Levetiracetam Methods

Smitha M, Kal Satyavathi Devi, Virendra Kumar, Jaffar Hussain
2020 International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences  
A new sensitive, specific, direct, exact and correct RP-HPLC technique is established and authenticated to estimate Levetiracetam in Majority and Pharmaceutical Tablet Formulations. An isocratic, turned around period HPLC system might have been created should differentiate the pill starting with the corruption products, Phenomenex Gemini 5µ C18 (2) 100A (250 x 4.60mm, 5 µ) section. Hamilton syringe (705 NR, 50 µL) might have been utilized to injecting example Furthermore standard result. The
more » ... satile stage comprises about mixture of Methanol: Acetonitrile in the proportion (90:10 v/v) toward A stream rate about 1.0 ml /min. UV identification might have been performed toward 210 nm. The linearity might have been made for Levetiracetam in the extent from claiming 5- 30µg/ml for relationship coefficient about 0.9997. LOD Also LOQ were found will make 0.076µg/ml Furthermore 0.23µg/ml individually. Maintenance duration of the time of Levetiracetam were found with make 2.281min and 2.274min. % recuperation might have been discovered on be 99.78-100.45 What's more %RSD might have been found for over ±2. Those system needs been approved as stated by ICH rules to linearity, precision, accuracy, robustness, ruggedness, LOD furthermore LOQ. Those produced approved system might have been effectively connected to dependable quantification about Levetiracetam to mass and pharmaceutical measurement type.
doi:10.26452/ijrps.v11ispl4.3787 fatcat:5yfkozfzebevdnhpdd2n6sqjou