Влияние биостимулятора роста эмистим С на продуктивность подсолнечника

БАГАН Алла, ШАКАЛИЙ Светлана, ГОЛОВАШ Людмила
2019 Zenodo  
The key factor for obtaining high and stable yields of sunflower seeds is ensuring of uniform and developed seedlings of optimal density, which is determined by the seeding material quality. Researches were conducted to evaluate the biometric indices (plant height, calathidium diameter, calathidium weight, weight of seeds in calathidium, weight of 1000 seeds) and the level of yield depending on the seed treatment with growth biostimulants in the conditions of the Poltava region (Forest-Steppe
more » ... on (Forest-Steppe zone of Ukraine) during the 2016–2018 period. The experimental design included two variants: 1. without treatment (control); 2. treatment with the growth biostimulant Emistim C. Four sunflower hybrids of the middle-ripening group: Tutti, NK Neoma, NK Kondi, and NK Brio were studied. The experiment was laid out in accordance with the following methodological requirements: on a surface with a smooth relief, on soil with a uniform NPK content and winter wheat as preceding crop. Sunflower seeds were treated with Emistim C (20 ml/ton) before sowing. The best variants of the experiment have been selected using the analysis of variance. The positive effect of presowing treatment of sunflower seeds with Emistim C on the manifestation of the studied characteristics has been established. Sunflower hybrids Tutti and NK Brio have been distinguished according to the level of sunflower productivity.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.3590249 fatcat:7wpgry2lk5gv7mfqnms6fihnli