On the rearing of Nesoselandria morio (Fabricius) and Birka cinereipes (Klug) (Hymenoptera, Tenthredinidae), with descriptions of their larvae

Veli Vikberg, Matti Nuorteva
1997 Entomologica Fennica  
The larva of a Holarctic selandrine sawfly Nesoselandria morio (Fabricius) from southem Finland which feeds on mosses is described. Compared with the larva of Birka cinereipes (Klug), which feeds on forget-me-nots (Myosotis scorpioides), it shows some apomorphic characters: fusion of four apical antennal segments and reduction of sixth dorsal annulet on the third abdominal segment. It is the first sawfly larva known to feed on mosses (Bryopsida). The cocoon has a special structure. The larvae
more » ... cture. The larvae of the tribe Aneugmenini have an extra moult after the feeding period and differ in that respect from known larvae of Strongylogasterini and Dolerini.
doi:10.33338/ef.83918 fatcat:u7zgpp6rwzcxfpgtggmrw7b6g4