An alternative strategy for studying emerging atypical porcine pestivirus

Ren Xujiao, Liu Xueyan, Li Jianglong, Chen Huanchun, Li Xiangmin, Qian Ping
2020 Journal of Vaccines and Immunology  
v 022 Citation: Ren X, Liu X, Li J, Chen H, Qian P, et al. (2020) An alternative strategy for studying emerging atypical porcine pestivirus. J Vaccines Immunol 6(1): 022-025. Abstract Atypical Porcine Pestivirus (APPV) is an emerging agent that belongs to the genus Pestivirus of the family Flaviviridae and causes Congenital Tremor (CT) in newborn piglets. Piglets with CT are mainly characterized by rhythmic tremor in the limbs and head, complicated by ataxia. Affected animals often die due to
more » ... often die due to insuffi cient sucking with a mortality rate of 10%-30%. Histopathological fi ndings of such piglets are mainly characterized by increased vacuoles in the white matter of the cerebellum, hypomyelination of the spinal cord, and microglial proliferation. APPV has been widely spread around the world since it was fi rst reported in 2015, bringing huge economic losses to the pig industry. However, as a newly discovered virus, no vaccine is currently available to prevent and control APPV infection. In addition, the diffi culties in APPV isolation and its high genetic variability severely hamper the development of APPV vaccines. Here, we propose an alternative strategy, the reverse genetics system, may be a prospective platform to address the issues with APPV vaccine design.
doi:10.17352/jvi.000032 fatcat:yhl6t6gml5bbjbmds72dnntcv4