XML-Based Network Management for IP Networks

Mi-Jung Choi, James W. Hong, Hong-Taek Ju
2003 ETRI Journal  
Mi-Jung Choi et al. 445 XML-based network management, which applies XML technologies to network management, has been proposed as an alternative to existing network management. The use of XML in network management offers many advantages. However, most existing network devices are already embedded with simple network management protocol (SNMP) agents and managed by SNMP managers. For integrated network management, we present the architectures of an XML-based manager, an XML-based agent, and an
more » ... /SNMP gateway for legacy SNMP agents. We describe our experience of developing an XMLbased network management system (XNMS), XML-based agent, and an XML/SNMP gateway. We also verify the effectiveness of our XML-based agent and XML/SNMP gateway through performance tests. Our experience with developing XNMS and XML-based agents can be used as a guideline for development of XML-based management systems that fully take advantage of the strengths of XML technologies. However, these current efforts to apply XML to network management are accomplished in a limited network management area, such as configuration management, or performed in the development process of a network management system using a few simple XML technologies. Four possible combinations between managers and agents can be considered for XML-based integrated network management [12] (Fig.1) . Figure 1 (a) shows the current, widely deployed SNMP-based network management, and Fig. 1(d) shows an XML-based management scheme using an XMLbased manager and XML-based agent. The gateways shown in Figs. 1(b) and 1(c) translate messages and operations between different management schemes, XML and SNMP. Figure 1(d) is the most ideal framework for gaining the maximum advantages of XML-based network management. However, most network devices currently deployed are equipped only with SNMP agents, and this architecture is hardly applicable to the current situation. Therefore, an XML/SNMP gateway is needed for the XML-based manager to manage SNMPenabled network devices as well as devices equipped with XML-based agents. Figure 1(c) shows the most practical management framework using the XML/SNMP gateway, which translates and relays messages between an XML-based manager and an SNMP agent. In this paper, we present the architecture of an XML-based manager, an XML-based agent, and an XML/SNMP gateway for XML-based integrated network management of IP-based networks. We also explain our XML-based network management system, called the XML-based network management system (XNMS), for managing network devices using XML technologies and methods of fully applying XML technologies to network management. Using performance tests, we verify the efficiency of XML-based network management systems. Our experience with developing XNMS, an XML-based agent, and an XML/SNMP gateway can be used as a good guideline for those who develop XML-based network management systems. The organization of this paper is as follows. Section II describes the XML-based network management work carried out by other research groups [13]-[15] and vendors [16], [17]. In section III, we present the design of an XML-based network management system composed of an XML-based manager, an XML-based agent, and an XML/SNMP gateway. In section IV, we describe our implementation details of the proposed XNMS and XML-based agent. In section V, we discuss the validation and performance tests of the proposed solution. Finally, in section VI, we conclude our work and discuss directions for future work.
doi:10.4218/etrij.03.0103.0062 fatcat:vr2hnyeig5cupayahrpbahg2bi