Recent Literature Kirke's Hand-book of Physiology . By W. Morrant Baker, F.R.C.S., and Vincent Dormer Harris, M.D. Thirteenth edition. Philadelphia: P. Blakiston, Son & Co. 1892

1893 Boston Medical and Surgical Journal  
of puerperal fever." The preface states that these two chapters " contain the external examination and the antiseptic regulations^w hich are to be regarded as new and of fundamental importance." The great and fundamental importance of these teachiugs no modern obstetrician of note will question ; but we cau hardly look upon them as new. The value and the technique of the external examination were fully taught in Vienna, to our persoual knowledge, some fifteen years ago ; aud both Chadwick and
more » ... both Chadwick and Munde, in this country, wrote on the subject, essentially as now, at least aB long as fifteen years ago, if our memory serves. Moreover, rigid asepsis has been taught and practised in the best schools and lying-in hospitals in this country for the paBt eight years.
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