The role of melanocytes in oral mucosa: From embryologic origin to oral mucosal melanoma: A short review

Ricardo Hsieh, Raquel Silva, Silvia Vanessa Lourenço
2020 Integrative Molecular Medicine  
Melanoblasts are precursor cells of melanocytes, that arise from neural crest in vertebrates and through several cycles of migration and proliferation, they populate the basal layer of epidermis; hair bulb; eyes; ears and meninges. However, melanocytes also situate in the basal layer of stratified squamous epithelia that is lining in the mouth. The role of melanocytes in the pathophysiology of the oral mucosa still poor understand, and differently from skin melanocytes, they are in a
more » ... cted site Physiologically, oral melanocytes may or may not produce melanin, however non-physiological alterations related to genetic, metabolic, endocrine, chemical and physical factors, and to infections, inflammatory and neoplasic processes could interfere in the oral pigmentation Primary Oral Mucosal Melanoma (POMM) develops from malignant transformation of melanocytic cell localized in the basal layer of the oral mucosa, which incidence is between 0.2 to 8% of all melanomas, and representing 0.5% of all malignant neoplasias of the oral cavity A better comprehension of the neural crest cells; melanoblasts and melanocytes development and proliferation, and also the melanogenesis and molecular pathways, it could help to understand more about the role of the oral mucosal melanocytes, moreover, and to improve all diagnostic techniques and treatment for Primary Oral Mucosal Melanomas.
doi:10.15761/imm.1000394 fatcat:mmzcurrcpnaphjxpv7yzyksyla