Principles of creating hybrid integrated automated systems of technological process design and control

Г.Б. Бурдо, Burdo G.B., Н.А. Семенов, Semenov N.A.
2018 Международный журнал Программные продукты и системы  
It is known that domestic and foreign machine building industry have been affected by serious structural changes over the past few years. Their main point is that the part of single piece and small-lot machinery production (multiproduct engineering manufacture, MM) is up to 25-30 per cent in the total amount of machine building industry products. However, the problems of automated technological process design and automated production control are solved in the indicated production types. This is
more » ... due to the fact that multiproduct machinery production systems stand out for high acceleration capacity. Moreover, transfer of batch production experience leads to significant delay of a control action and its incorrectness, and designed technologies don't count a production system state. The bailout plan is possible in the case of information integration of technological process design automation systems and automated technological process control systems. In this regard automated technological process control systems must provide a possibility to correct production plans at all levels quickly. The paper shows relevance of the proposed concept of information integration of automated systems of technological process design and control in a multiproduct manufacture. The research is based on the system theory framework and the product life cycle methodology. The authors examine the hierarchy of the systems and explain the principles of creating integrated systems and their subsystems. They also suggest the decision-making method for technological process design and control in hybrid systems.
doi:10.15827/0236-235x.121.107-111 fatcat:kvzco24pa5g6hnt2yxpg4uqevy