Poorna Prajna S .
2015 International Journal of Research in Engineering and Technology  
The design of a satisfactory bituminous mix is a complex task due to the wide variation in properties of its constituents such as bitumen, coarse and fine aggregate, filler, etc. The design also depends on the shape and gradation of the aggregates. Flexible pavement with bituminous surfacing is commonly used in Indian highways. Distress symptoms, such as cracking, rutting, etc., are increasingly caused earlier by high traffic intensity, over loading of vehicles and significant variations in
more » ... t variations in daily and seasonal temperature of the pavement. Investigations have revealed that modifiers can be used to improve properties of bitumen and bituminous mixes to make it more suitable for road construction. Also there are many other materials that may be tried as modifiers in bitumen. This paper reports an investigation carried out on Bituminous Concrete mixes corresponding to grade-1, prepared using midpoint gradation for aggregate combined index of 30% using Sulphur as modifier. The conventional Marshall Stability test was conducted on the specimens as per ASTM D 1559. The present investigation comprises of determining the Marshall test properties of Bituminous Concrete Mixes Using 60/70 penetration grade bitumen modified with Sulphur as Modifier. The study helps to ascertain the suitability of Sulfur as modifier which could minimize the consumption of plain bitumen.
doi:10.15623/ijret.2015.0416006 fatcat:fwni5qq6tfedjjo6jxewccauiu