Molecular Rearrangements in the Microbiological Transformations of Terpenes and the Chemical Logic of Microbial Processes

1978 Zenodo  
Department of Organic Chemistry, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, 560 012 Oxygenative and prototropic molecular rearrangements, observed during microbio­logical transformations of terpenes are discussed. The former which have been noticed during the metabolism of mono - and sesquiterpenes by Aspergillus niger NC1M 612, have been studied with the aid of cyclohexene, 1-methylcyclohexene, 4-methyleyclohexene and tetralin as model compounds. of Prototropic rearrangements have been observed
more » ... ring metabolism of terpenes by Pseudomonas species isolated by enrichment culture techniques. They are pinene to 1-p-menthene conversion, involving rupture of a cyclobutane ring in the bicyclic system, rearrangement of camphene to isoborneol and conversion of an acyclic terpene to a monocyclic one. These studies have revealed that the presence of a single extra enzyme often enables the microorganism to thrive on different substrates
doi:10.5281/zenodo.6381733 fatcat:rhmawmnennh77lulb2yd6qt2ti