Anatomical study of Cornus mas L. and Cornus officinalis Seib. et Zucc. (Cornaceae) endocarps during their development

Maria Morozowska, Ilona Wysakowska
2016 Steciana  
Results of anatomical studies on the developing endocarps of Cornus mas and C. officinalis are presented. Formation of an endocarp and anatomical changes in its structure from the flowering stage to fully developed fruits were observed with the use of LM and SEM. In the process of anatomical development of endocarps the formation of two layers, i.e. the inner and the outer endocarp, was observed. Changes in their anatomical structure consisted in a gradual thickening of cell walls and their
more » ... walls and their lignification. The lignification of endocarp cell walls begins in the inner endocarp, it proceeds in the outside parts of the outer endocarp, with an exception of several layers of cells forming the transition zone (circular strand) present on its margin, and finally, almost at the same time, in the rest of the outer endocarp. Cell walls of the cells distinguishing the germinating valves undergo thickening delayed by several days in comparison to other endocarp cells. Thickening of their cell walls starts in cells situated close to the inner endocarp and proceeds to its outer parts, and their lignification is not very intensive. The described scheme of the development and lignification of C. mas and C. officinalis endocarps is similar to that of Prunus cerasus (Rosaceae).
doi:10.12657/steciana.020.004 fatcat:xnr4lsbmhbf4dlwzpxx6r3xqhq