Student Readiness Formation for Activities Oriented to Health Saving

Natalia Tretyakova, Vladimir Fedorov, Evgenij Dorozhkin, Maria Komarova, Elena Sukhanova, Maria Komarova, Elena Sukhanova
The relevance of the studied problem is caused by the need of formation and development among students of educational organizations of the personal qualities directed to updating of their potential concerning preservation and promotion of health, organization of own style of a healthy lifestyle, i.e. formation of readiness for health-oriented activity-HOA. The purpose of the article consists in the development of conceptual aspects of readiness formation of students for HOA. The leading
more » ... The leading methodological approach to the research of this problem is a personal and activity approaches, allowing us to disclose the features of organization of an educational process directed to readiness formation of students for HOA. Conceptual aspects of students' readiness formation for HOA conclude in the fact that health is considered as a target resource of a person which can be operated; the basis of this resource is the health saving potential of the person, its components and phases of development are presented; the model of student readiness for HOA is developed. Materials of the article can be useful to pedagogical workers regarding the organization of activities for preservation and promotion of student health in educational organizations, by means of change of intrinsic and substantial components of this activity. KEYWORDS ARTICLE HISTORY Health-oriented activity (HOA), health saving activity, health saving potential of a person, readiness of students for an activity focused on preservation of health complete structure providing socialization of a person solves a problem of preserving health of younger generation today. Evgenij M. Dorozhkin is Doctor of Education, Professor in Russian State