Liquid Chromatography With UV Detection For Simultaneous Determination Of Ciprofloxacin And Metronidazole

Agnes Budiarti, Ibnu Gholib Gandjar, Abdul Rohman
2014 Jurnal Teknologi  
The aim of this study was to develop HPLC method capable of facilitating the simultaneous determination of ciprofloxacin hydrochloride (CIP.HCl) and metronidazole (MDZ). The analytes were separated with Lichrospher 100 RP-18 C18 column (100 x 4.6 mm, 5 μm). The mobile phase consisted of monobasic potassium phosphate (50 mM, pH 3.5) and acetonitrile (80: 20, v/v) containing triethylamine (7.5 mM) delivered isocratically with flow rate of 1.0 mL/min. The UV detection was set 298 nm. The developed
more » ... method was validated in terms of precision, accuracy, linearity, selectivity and sensitivity. The precision of the method was evaluated using repeatability assay which RSD values of 0.37 -1.72 % and 0.10 -1.90 % for CIP.HCl and MDZ, respectively. The mean recoveries of CIP.HCl and MDZ were 99.83 -100.77% and 99.80 -101.14%, respectively. The dynamic linear response exhibited good correlation (r > 0.99) within the concentration range of 30 -90 µg/mL for both drugs. The proposed method has been successfully applied for the simultaneous determination of CIP.HCl and MDZ in tablet dosage forms.
doi:10.11113/jt.v72.3071 fatcat:h65jquf5mbdhlfpufyfq2gfdam