Radiolysis of Triphenyl Arsine in a Mixture of Benzene and Cyclohexane

1975 Zenodo  
Chemistry Department, Birla Institute of Technology and Science Pilani (Rajasthan) Manuscript received 18 January 1973 ; revised 5 November 1974 ; accepted 22 March 1975 A number of degassed samples of triphenylarsine (As\(\Phi\)p3) were irradiated by gamma radiation in a mixture of benzene and cyclohexane. The condensable products fromed were pentane, hexane, benzene and cyclohexane in cyclohexane solution containing As\(\Phi\)ps and cyclohexane in benzene in presence of A\(\Phi\)43. When the
more » ... omposition of the solvent was varied by stepwise addition of benzene from 5 to 50%, the main condensable radiolytic products observed by vapour phase chromatography were hexane, hexane and cyclohexane. No pentane was observed when benzene was present in the mixture upto 15%. However, it was detected in the presence of 20-30% benzene mixture. When the amount of benzene was 35-50% in the mixture, two isomers of hexane and hexane were also detected. A mechanism has been worked out for the formation of these compounds and protection and sensitization mechanisms have been invoked to explain the yields per 100 e.v. From the kinetic analysis, it has been found out that the rate of formation of cyclohexene is much faster than other rates of different products formed during gamma radiolysis and from the analysis of experimental data, sponge type protection has been postulated in this radiolytic system.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.6405780 fatcat:ost5sdlsg5d73hmxyrjyds3k2i