Intra-Uterine Crying of Child during Labor

H. A. Cables
1914 Journal of the American Medical Association  
To the Editor:\p=m-\Ienclose a short report of an obstetric case that was novel to me. Mrs. H., aged 17, American, primipara, was confined June 10. It was a breech presentation in which attempts at version were unsuccessful. The patient was put under anesthesia, the cervix dilated with the hand and one foot grasped and brought down. While I was trying to bring down the other foot, the peculiar phenomenon occurred. When I passed my left hand into the uterus, the baby began crying and continued
more » ... ing and continued uninterruptedly until the body and shoulders were delivered and the head engaged, the crying being heard by the anesthetist and others in the room. The child is living and weighs 101/2 pounds. H. A. Cables, M.D., East St. Louis, Ill. [Comment.\p=m-\Thecrying of the infant during the parturition while the head is still in the uterus, although a somewhat rare occurrence, is quite possible and cases are mentioned by most authorities on obstetrics. In order for this to occur, the membranes must be ruptured and air must have access to the interior of the uterus. Like ordinary respiration, it is excited by reflex action, and hence would be favored by manipulations. Stories of children crying in the uterus during pregnancy must be considered, from the evidence available, as absolutely fabulous. -Ed.]
doi:10.1001/jama.1914.02570020052024 fatcat:uapeyrvbafhcvl7jhsi5gai6ay