Violência urbana nas cidades médias mineiras: determinantes e implicações

Julio Giovanni da Paz Ribeiro
2005 Geosul  
Mid-sized cities are depicted as urban and regional planning instruments in France during the 1970s and since then, they have been subject of scientific scrutiny and public policy in many countries. Besides representing an important role in the equilibrium of urban hierarchies and networks, mid-sized cities also mediate relations and fluxes not only between large and small cities, but also with their direct hinterlands. Besides, mid-sized cities enjoy superior quality of life. However, growing
more » ... . However, growing crime rates jeopardize this perspective and raise doubts about the real potential of mid-sized cities of Minas Gerais in terms of socioeconomic development boosters and state level urban and regional planning instruments. This work focuses and evaluates urban violence among mid-sized cities of Minas Gerais, based on violent crime rates and their association with urban hierarchy levels, regional affiliation and federal roads network.
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