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1848 Scientific American  
l46 Dangerous Counter.eit. The JOUl'tlal of Commerce of thiS city, gives an account of a most dangerous counterfeit of gold eagles-s@ accurate as to defy any other test than severing the piece. They are accu rate in weight, perfect in stamp, and seem to bave gotten into banks extensively, and even to have defied the usual scrutiny of the mint. Upon one of them being sawn in t.wo, it was discovered to be a mere shell of gold, the in lerior being fiLed with silver. The gold was worth $1,25,
more » ... g a good profit to the ma ker. Suspicion was excited in regard to this piece 'by its ring, which was peculiar; but other eagles which were genuine, were found to possess the same peculiarity. So perfect a lac simile is this counterfeit that it would seem there is no safety in receiving gold coin unless each piece is tried with the file-all other tests fail against thiS fraud. The interior must be platina, not silver. Death from Hydrophobia.
doi:10.1038/scientificamerican01291848-146u fatcat:4yahyiroane75bopqrv5nwm4vi