Eyesore of periodontitis as a symptomatic indicant of women's estrogen deficiency
Явления пародонтита как манифестирующий признак дефицита эстрогенов у женщин

И. Щербаков, I. Sherbakov
2015 The actual problems in dentistry  
<p>Clinical laboratory assessment of the state alteration of patients' periodontal tissues over time during the early stage of surgical menopause is presented in the article. Attained results showed a progressive breakdown of the majority of findings characterizing the assessment of periodontal tissues at the trimestrial stage of monitoring after the surgical interference (bilateral ovariectomy).</p>
doi:10.18481/2077-7566-2015-11-28-31 fatcat:xi6aapbt4vcennuoqmx2jmmqti