The Management of the Class of Students – Ways of Intervention in Situations of Educational Crisis

2018 15th Edition of the International Conference on Sciences of Education, Studies and Current Trends in Science of Education, ICSED 2017, 9-10 June 2017, Suceava (Romania)   unpublished
The issue of teacher-student relationship is at the heart of all debate on the success of the school, the child's personality development, supporting the education of the family, social adaptation, professional insertion and thus prestige education unit. Management behaviourof the teacher should be in concordance with what the teacher's role is, in concordance with the request of the family and of the other stakeholders of the society in order to ensure the effectiveness of pedagogical actions.
more » ... edagogical actions. In order to implement the best strategies, the didactic personal must study the class of students in from academic and psychosocial perspective. This article seeks to identify the regulatory dimension at the level of the class and school, to identify the intervention procedures, the types of relations and of educational interactions, the way that the teacher'spersonality influences those actions, as well as managerial roles and their impacts in different educational contexts.The instruments used in the research were: case studies, systematic observation, questioning the family members and the students, the study of the documents and of the procedures on the issue of educational crisis in primary and secondary school level.
doi:10.18662/lumproc.icsed2017.1 fatcat:lndevsuzzfcklgmuxn7vxvvt6a