Parallelism between Linguistics and Music – Noam Chomsky and Heinrich Schenker

Botond SZOCS
2021 Bulletin of the Transilvania University of Brașov. Series VIII, Performing arts  
The paper aims to compare musical language with verbal language, creating a new perspective on music and natural language. The three categories of linguistics, phonology, syntax and semantics are analyzed. Bernstein highlights the analogies between the linguistic categories and music, researching the same three components of linguistics in music. The possibility of applying the transformational grammar procedures to the musical text is studied. In the second part of the paper, the authors
more » ... igate the method of analysis based on harmony and counterpoint, differentiating several structural levels conceived by the theoretical musician H. Schenker. Schenkerian analyzes are a relatively recent appearance in the field of musical analysis, which proposes as an innovation in the field of musical analysis the structural vision of musical discourse.
doi:10.31926/ fatcat:muw4qjazsjd5tkoh4rkmmkcpoe