The prevalence of neurocranium injury in children in Brod-Posavina County

Josip Mihić, Kresimir Rotim, Marcel Marcikić, Danko Smiljanić, Marinko Dikanović, Matija Jurjević, Ivo Matić
2012 Acta Clinica Croatica  
Head injuries are very common in children and are the most frequent cause of disability and death among children. This retrospective study included 350 children hospitalized for injury of neurocranium over a 5-year period at Dr Josip Bencević General Hospital in Slavonski Brod. Boys were more commonly injured (63.4%) than girls. The most common injuries were recorded in children aged 7-14 (47.1%), followed by those aged 1-6 (33.8%) years. The injuries occurred slightly more often in urban
more » ... ) than in rural (46.6%) setting. Children were more commonly injured in the street or on the road (38.6%), followed by injuries sustained at home (35.2%), at school (9.3%) and on playgrounds (5.7%). They were most commonly injured by fall (50%), followed by traffic injuries (33.5%). Statistically significant differences were found in the following age groups: all children younger than one year were injured by fall; children aged 1-14 were mostly injured by fall (less in traffic, and due to hitting), and those aged 15-18 mostly in traffic (less by fall and due to hitting). Children were mostly injured in the street or on the road (in traffic accidents), followed by injuries at home (mostly by fall), at school and around the house or in the yard (mostly by fall); on the playground (due to hitting) and on the road (in traffic accidents) (statistically significant difference). Most of them had head contusion and cerebral commotion combined (46.8%), followed by head contusion alone (12.5%) and skull fractures (10.5%). Hemorrhages and hematomas were rare (epidural, subdural, subarachnoid hemorrhage), found in 3.2% of cases. We hope that our results will prove helpful in planning preventive measures and treatment of injured children.
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