Novel Thermal Analysis Model of the Foot-Shoe Sole Interface during Gait Motion

Yasuhiro Shimazaki, Kazutoshi Aisaka
2018 Proceedings (MDPI)  
Excessive heat at the foot-shoe sole interface negatively affects a human's thermal comfort. An understanding of the thermal behavior at this interface is important for alleviating this discomfort. During gait motion, a human's body weight cyclically compresses a shoe sole (commonly constructed of viscoelastic materials), generating heat during loading. To evaluate the thermal effects of this internal heat generation on foot comfort, we developed and empirically validated a thermal analysis
more » ... hermal analysis model during gait motion. A simple, one-dimensional prediction model for heat conduction with heat generation during compressive loading was used. Heat generation was estimated as a function of the shoe sole's material properties (e.g., elastic modulus) and various gait parameters. When compared with experimental results, the proposed model proved effective in predicting thermal behavior at the foot-shoe sole interface under various conditions and shows potential for improving a human's thermal comfort during gait motion through informed footwear design.
doi:10.3390/proceedings2060278 fatcat:s2udbcnhl5bcxjju2oqyrwsbfu