Pelvic fracture-related bladder injury: Characteristics and literature review

Jovan Hadzi-Djokic, Vladan Andrejevic, Tomislav Pejcic, Miodrag Acimovic, Dragoslav Basic, Zoran Dzamic
2015 Acta chirurgica iugoslavica  
In a trau matic pel vic frac ture, the forces of the trauma or pieces of the bro ken pel vic bones can lac er ate or tear the uri nary sys tem. This type of trauma can range in its se ver ity and some in ju ries can re quire im me di ate or de layed uri nary re con struc tion. In ad di tion to di rect trauma to the lower uri nary sys tem (blad der, pros tate and ure thra), pel vic trauma can dis rupt nerves to the blad der and pe nis and lead to uri nary prob lems like leak age and erec tile
more » ... ge and erec tile dys func tion. Blad der rup ture is rare and is of ten as so ci ated with other se ri ous in ju ries and a high mor tal ity rate. The blad der can also be torn or burst dur ing a pel vic fracture. If these tears are large or urine spills into the abdo men around the in tes tine, they have to be fixed surgi cally. Key words: pel vic frac ture, uri nary trauma, blad der, trauma, rup ture, eval u a tion, man age ment IN TRO DUC TION 1 Ser bian acad emy of sci ence and arts, Ser bia, Bel grade 2 Clin i cal cen ter of Ser bia , Urol ogy clinic , Bel grade 3 Clin i cal cen ter Nis, Urol ogy clinic, Nis /STRU^NI RAD e m i z e r J. Hadzi-Djokic et al. ACI Vol. LXII
doi:10.2298/aci1501009h fatcat:tlp4moz3gfgulfk4mq6x3n64mq