An Exploratory Study of Cognitive Sciences Applied to Cybersecurity

Roberto O. Andrade, Walter Fuertes, María Cazares, Iván Ortiz-Garcés, Gustavo Navas
2022 Electronics  
Cognitive security is the interception between cognitive science and artificial intelligence techniques used to protect institutions against cyberattacks. However, this field has not been addressed deeply in research. This study aims to define a Cognitive Cybersecurity Model by exploring fundamental concepts for applying cognitive sciences in cybersecurity. For achieving this, we developed exploratory research based on two steps: (1) a text mining process to identify main interest areas of
more » ... rch in the cybersecurity field and (2) a valuable review of the papers chosen in a systematic literature review that was carried out using PRISMA methodology. The model we propose tries to fill the gap in automatizing cognitive science without taking into account the users' learning processes. Its definition is supported by the main findings of the literature review, as it leads to more in-depth future studies in this area.
doi:10.3390/electronics11111692 fatcat:w64k5p6rc5at5ak6d4xfpuol5m