Ninik Sri Rahayu
2005 Jurnal Aplikasi Bisnis  
The Indonesian Banking Architecture isa comprehensive, basicframeworkfor the Indonesian banking system. In the Architecture, the policy directionfor thefuture development of the banking industry is based on the vision of building strong and efficient banking system to createfinancialsystem stabilityforthe promotion ofmtional economic growth. To bring the vision of theArchitecture as described above, the six pillars ofthe Architecture aredesigned toensure theachievement ofthe architecture vision
more » ... architecture vision asfollows: healthy banking structure, effective regulatory system, effective and independent supervisory system, strong banking industry, adequate infrastructure, ro bust customerprotection. I The next ten tofifteen years the banking system areexpected tomove the hanking system towards a more optimum structure. This structureisenvisaged asfollows: two or three banks likely toemerge asinternational banks, possessing the capacity andability to operate onan international scale andhaving total capital exceeding Rp50 trillion, 3 to 5 national banks, having a broad scope ofbusiness andoperating nationwide with, total capital between RplO trillion and Rp50 trillion, 30 to 50 banks^operating asfocused players, withoperationsfocused onparticular business segments according tothe capa bility andcompetence ofeach bank. These banks will have capital ofRplOO billion upto RplO trillion, rural banks and banks with limited scope ofbusiness, having capital of less than RplOO billion. |
doi:10.20885/jabis.vol6.iss8.art4 fatcat:my23oifbw5ek7nd7zwnhhhmm6m