Treatment of Data and GIS Implementation of Solar Radiation and Temperature Maps: Example in South-East of Spain

F. Vera-García, J. R. García-Cascales, Z. Hernández-Guillén, J. P. Delgado-Marín
2012 ISRN Renewable Energy  
This paper presents the maps of solar radiation on the surface of south-east region of Spain named Región de Murcia. These maps are the result of treatment, study, and correlations obtained by data of 35 weather stations distributed throughout the region. These stations have collected data for 6 to more than 25 years. The paper presents the work performed for the treatment of collected data, the correlations used for the adjustment of the data, and the parameters obtained as a result of this
more » ... a result of this adjustment. The weather stations are equipped with various sensors to collect several parameters, the measures covered and used for the study were global and diffuse radiation (in case that the station has pyranometer diffuse) and ambient temperature. The results were used to produce maps of horizontal radiation (global and diffuse) and ambient temperature at the surface of the region studied. To achieve the irradiation maps for this extended region has been used "r.sun" program, technical program that with the help of GRASS program uses geographic information systems (GISs) to evaluate the influence of geographical variables captured on horizontal plane at the surface. Using the results of the program for theoretical data and/or generic, and with the feedback obtained by the correlations of measures covered from weather stations, we have studied the incident radiation on the region. The main result of this study was to produce maps of irradiation on horizontal plane, correction for inclined surfaces, and also maps of temperature of the studied region. On this basis, results have been produced maps and tables of monthly solar radiation (mean maximum and minimum) for each of the 45 municipalities of the Region of Murcia. Thus, was obtained a useful tool for the calculation of available energy and thermal needs at the design process of plants using solar thermal and photovoltaic.
doi:10.5402/2012/365469 fatcat:wr2jdvjotjhepj6pl4nhln7ecm