Effect of visualization and imagery training on sports performance using sports hypnosis

Ashish Phulkar, Madhya Gwalior, India Pradesh, I Imran, M Kagzi, M Phil, Ashish Phulkar, Imran Kagzi
2017 330 ~ International Journal of Physical Education, Sports and Health   unpublished
This value of imagery in sports is widely acknowledged. The contribution of hypnosis to enhancing athletes' performance is also recognized, but the value of hypnosis in enhancing imagery has little recognition. To examine the effect of imagery technique using hypnotic state on performance, primary data has been collected through Martens questionnaire. Experimental research has been carried out to collect the data. The experiment has been performed on 22 cricket team players of two colleges of
more » ... f two colleges of Surat and Bharuch city. The data has been analyzed by applying one sample t-test and regression analysis. From the analysis, it has been concluded that after the experiment of imagery technique using hypnotic state, the performance of cricket team players has been improved. It has been also found that imaging competing situation is more affective component on performance followed by practicing with others, watching team mate and practicing alone.