Seismic Performance Evaluation of Hollow Concrete Block Infilled Reinforced Concrete Buildings"

Daniel Dibaba Awayo, Dr. Tesfaye Alemu
Masonry infills are usually treated as non-structural elements in buildings, and their interaction with the bounding frame is often ignored in analysis and design of reinforced concrete structures. Nature, however, makes no such distinction, and tests the whole building under simulated ground motions and so that many non-structural components may be called upon to resist applied lateral forces even though not designed for. And infills contribute strength to a structure and will interact with
more » ... ll interact with the bounding frame when the structure is subjected to strong lateral seismic loads. Effects of hollow concrete block (HCB) infill walls on the seismic performance of the buildings has not been properly explored that it would be valuable to study their characteristics as their presence has a substantial impact on the structural behavior and load resisting mechanism. The objective of this study is to evaluate the seismic performance of HCB infilled reinforced concrete (RC) buildings by adopting probabilistic performance assessment approach along with seismic fragility curve developments. For the purpose of this study, three distinct buildings namely, seven-story, eleven-story and sixteen-story, with typical floor plan were proposed as the case study. Each building cases are explicitly modeled as a bare frame and HCB infilled model with varying percentage of infill configurations. Bare RC frame buildings are analyzed and designed based on the conventional design approach on ETABS 2016.2.1, while numerical modelling and analysis of HCB infilled models are simulated on SeismoStruct 2016. Static pushover analysis and nonlinear dynamic time history analysis were adopted for performance evaluation of the case study buildings with respect to local and global parameters. Results of the study showed that increase in initial stiffness, strength, and energy dissipation of the infilled frame is considerable, compared to the bare frame. Inclusion of infills has showed a significant decrease in fundamental vibration period and story displace [...]
doi:10.20372/nadre/4002 fatcat:tflg5pslnbhh5iq6ipjslkemi4