Isolation and identification of fungal species from storage seed

2019 jecet  
seed borne storage fungi of common cereals (eg. wheat, maize and paddy), pulses (eg. Bengal gram, pigeon pea and common pea) and oil yielding (eg. mustard, sunflower and sesame) were isolated. Altogether 35 spp of storage fungi were isolated from the seeds of wheat, 39 spp from maize and 38 spp from paddy, 32 spp from Bengal gram and common pea, 31 spp from pigeon pea, 28 spp from mustard, 36 spp from sunflower and 21 spp from sesame. In all these case Aspergillus spp outnumber the others
more » ... ed by Dematiaceous Hyphomycetes. The frequency of the spp of Zygomycotina was more in association the cereal seeds than the other
doi:10.24214/jecet.a.8.3.29503 fatcat:7cofydtpwje3hfyqbgsmkjsrja