Renal failure in the Denys-Drash and Wilms' tumor-aniridia syndromes

N E Breslow, J R Takashima, M L Ritchey, L C Strong, D M Green
2000 Cancer Research  
Nearly 6000 patients enrolled in four clinical trials of the National Wilms' Tumor Study Group during 1969-1995 were followed until death or for a median of 11.0 years of survival for the onset of renal failure (RF). Thirteen of 22 patients with Denys-Drash syndrome and 10 of 46 patients with the Wilms' tumor aniridia syndrome developed RF. The cumulative risks of RF at 20 years from Wilms' tumor diagnosis were 62% and 38%, respectively. Only 21 cases of RF were observed among 5358 patients
more » ... g 5358 patients with unilateral disease who did not have characteristic congenital genitourinary anomalies, and their risk was <1%. Although other explanations cannot be completely excluded, the high rate of RF in patients with the aniridia syndrome challenges the view that nephropathy is associated uniquely with missense mutations in the WT1 gene. It suggests the possibility of a further gradation in the spectrum of phenotypes associated with different WT1 mutations. Patients with Wilms' tumor and aniridia or genitourinary abnormalities should be followed closely throughout life for signs of nephropathy or RF.
pmid:10945603 fatcat:lfsmilxftve2tcdsbsvu6dyisu