Annihilated Time, Smooth Surfaces, and Rough Edges in Steampunk and Schivelbusch's _The Railway Journey_: A Departure Point

Rachel Bowser, Brian Croxall
This paper questions how Wolfgang Schivelbusch's seminal study of railway networks in 19th-century should lead us to think differently about trains and transportation within steampunk. The paper considers how both the railway and steampunk annihilate space and time; act as transportation networks; and foreground reading practices, or the lack thereof. It closes by juxtaposing the oft-cited appeal of steampunk's ability to counteract "too smooth" and "inauthentic" contemporary technologies with
more » ... technologies with the fact that the train itself was perceived as being inauthentic and disconnected from nature.
doi:10.17613/m6k01s fatcat:2255wumd25byvfcywc2bcmallm