Preparation and Characterization of Mucoadhesive Microcapsules of Gliclazide with Natural Gums

Santhosh Kumar Mankala, Nishanth Kumar Nagamalli, Ramakrishna Raprla, Rajyalaxmi Kommula
2011 Stamford Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences  
Gliclazide is an oral hypoglycemic agent used in management of non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus. Among people who are suffering from long term disorders, the major were categorized under diabetes so, a dosage form is needed to provide continuous therapy with high margin of safety & such dosage form can be achieved by microencapsulation. Gliclazide microspheres with sodium alginate (coat material, gum kondagogu, gum guar and xanthan gum (mucoadhesive agents) were prepared by orifice-ionic
more » ... ed by orifice-ionic gelation and emulsification ionic gelation techniques varying concentrations (1:0.25, 1:0.5, 1:0.75 and 1:1). Formulations were then evaluated for surface morphology, particle shape, Carr's index, microencapsulation efficiency, drug release, mucoadhesion studies. Compatibility studies were performed by FTIR, DSC, and XRD techniques and no interactions were found between drug and excepients used. The microspheres were found spherical and free flowing with emulsion ionic gelation technique with a size range 400-600µm. % drug content and encapsulation efficiency found in the range of 55%-68% and, 86.23%-94.46% respectively. All microspheres showed good mucoadhesive property in in-vitro wash of test. In vitro drug release studies showed that the guar gum has more potentiality to retard the drug release compared to other gums and concentrations. Drug release from the microspheres was found slow following zero order release kinetics with non-fickian release mechanism stating release depended on the coat: core ratio and the method employed. The concentration of 1:1 of SA: GG (EMG 4) found suitable for preparing the controlled release formulation of gliclazide stating emulsification gelation technique is the best among followed.
doi:10.3329/sjps.v4i1.8865 fatcat:icowrmbpnfhxnlayhaulcjnj5e