Baryon kinetic energy loss in the color flux tube model

K. A. Lyakhov, H. J. Lee
2011 Physical Review C  
This article generalizes Schwinger's mechanism for particles production in the time dependent field volume in quasi static approximation. Solution of DGLAP equations in double leading log approximation for low x gluon distribution function was used to derive the new formula for initial chromofield energy density. This initial chromofield energy is distributed among color neutral clusters or strings. This strings are stretched by receding nucleus. From the proposed mechanism of string
more » ... on or color field decay the new formula for the rapidity spectrum of produced partons was derived. PACS numbers: 12.38.Mh, 25.75.Nq,
doi:10.1103/physrevc.84.055206 fatcat:56c2gxnfprhtdpkpd2zasmnsqa