Site Assessment for the Water Purification Effect of Porous Concrete by using Effective Micro-organisms
유용미생물을 이용한 포러스콘크리트의 수질정화특성에 대한 현장평가

Bong-Kyun Kim, Jun-Seok Park, Dae-Seuk Seo, Wha-Jung Kim, Yun-Yung Kim
2015 Journal of the Korea institute for structural maintenance inspection  
In recent years, a rapid growth in the population and urbanization led to an increasing industrial growth. The inadequate treated-wasted water from industry and various non-point sources causes significant negative effects on the stream water. For past few decades, extensive researches have been performed on water purification process. The purpose of this study is to investigate mechanical performance and water purification properties of porous concrete by using effective microorganisms through
more » ... roorganisms through the site assessment test. The mechanical performance evaluation results showed that the increase void ration caused an decrease in the strength. The optimal mix rate was found to be 15% void rate From the site assessment, it was evaluated that the porous concrete improved the quality of the water and the purification ratios are 34.1 for SS, 14.6% for BOD, 34.9% for COD, 11.4% for T-N, and 12.6% for T-P. The porous concrete and the related purification technique can reduce the non-point pollution sources flowing into the river.
doi:10.11112/jksmi.2015.19.1.109 fatcat:o5qsws37b5gb5o4a4jx356x654