Simulation of Photovoltaic System as a Tool of a State's Energy Security

2021 International Journal of Engineering  
A B S T R A C T This article is devoted to the photovoltaic system simulation. Photovoltaic systems operate in different conditions such as changing solar irradiance and environmental temperature. Analysis of the existing methods for photovoltaic system simulation was carried out in this paper. The formal model of the electricity consumption system was developed, which included the photovoltaic system and the electrical storage system. The expediency of using simulation modeling tools in the
more » ... ing tools in the design of solar panel optimization tools was shown by application of maximum power point tracking methods. The developed software provides the ability to build current-voltage and high-voltage characteristics of solar cells at different values of the intensity of solar radiation and temperature.. The voltage and load current differ up to 50% from the voltage and current of the operating point of the solar panel, which is set to the optimal value using maximum power point tracker. The architecture of the software extends the capabilities of simulation modeling of systems based on solar panels. The optimizer model block along with the implementation of the maximum power point tracking algorithm can be further refined by using more sophisticated algorithms. The developments are innovative and their practical implementation will have a significant impact on the energy security of countries.
doi:10.5829/ije.2021.34.02b.21 fatcat:nutt3dt4wnaubferdapxvad7ia