Rare Plants and Plant Communities of the Projected "Togul" National Park (Altai Region)

Natalja Elesova, Marina Silanteva, Liudmila Sokolova, N.I. Makunina, N.N. Lashinsky
2019 BIO Web of Conferences  
The value of the Salair Ridge territory for the creation of the "Togul" National Natural Park is determined primarily by the natural complex of black coniferous forests with the participation of relict plant species of the Miocene-Pliocene coniferous-deciduous forests and a group of early flowering ephemeroid plants, old-aged Pinus sibirica, Picea obovata and linden forests and a variety of tall grasses. Based on the performed geobotanical descriptions, the phytocenotic characteristic of linden
more » ... cteristic of linden forests was compiled. Information is provided on the location of 10 rare and endangered species of plants and fungi found during a survey of the territory of the planned national park.
doi:10.1051/bioconf/20191600007 fatcat:jodp3k77xjhyvaahw7o67zn77q