Synthesis, characterization and properties of polymers containing simultaneously the imine and amide moieties

Christian Sánchez, Carlos Bustos, Fabiola Alvarado, Eduardo Schott, Nicolas Gatica, Jean-Christian Bernede
2007 E-Polymers  
AbstractWe present the synthesis of polymers by means of self-condensation of ethyl 3-aminophenyl acetate, using HCl as catalyst at high temperature and reduced pressure. This polymer was fractionated by successive precipitation from mixtures of methanol/diethylether of different polarity, yielding three polymeric fractions: Poly A, Poly B and Poly C. Likewise, under the same conditions, 3- aminophenyl acetic acid yields only one polymeric fraction, Poly D. These polymers were characterized by elemental analysis, IR and, in some cases, by
doi:10.1515/epoly.2007.7.1.434 fatcat:h7hih6s6jncfpikeqourisdkwu