Lumpy skin disease (LSD) outbreak in Nepal [post]

Sagar Regmi
2020 unpublished
LSD is a notifiable disease caused by lumpy skin disease virus belonging to Poxviridae family leading to high economic losses. LSD is transmitted by an insect vector, contaminated vehicles, and equipment. It causes generalized lymphadenitis, circumscribed skin nodules, and subcutaneous edema of limbs and ventral parts of the body. The first case of LSD was seen in Nepal on 24th June 2020 in Morang. Jersey cross-bred showed higher susceptibility to LSD over Holstein-Friesian and buffalo.
more » ... nd buffalo. Morbidity and mortality were obtained to be around (3-7) % and (0.5-1) % in cattle and (2-3) % and 0% in buffaloes respectively to date. The vaccine isn't available in Nepal and is being focused on the isolation and symptomatic treatment of infected animals.
doi:10.22541/au.159986266.62442803 fatcat:p6hekpv2qbbnzhbrswnptqjmza