Distribution of Medicinal Plants included in the Korean Pharmacopoeia at Cheongoksan Bonghwagun in Korea
봉화군 청옥산에 분포하는 대한민국약전 수재 약용식물의 분포 특성

Hong Seon Song, Mung Hea Gim, Geo Lyong Lee, Seong Min Kim
2013 Korean Journal of Medicinal Crop Science  
This text was analyzed and investigated the distribution of medicinal plants in Cheongoksan Bonghwagun Korea, in order to search the medicinal resources that are used in modern medicine. Medicinal plants of the Korean Pharmacopoeia (10th edition) distributed in Cheongoksan Bonghwagun were consisted of 93 taxa ; 82 species, 10 varieties, 1 forma of 79 genus, 50 families. In medicinal plants of the Korean Pharmacopoeia, rate of native species and exotic species was 89.2% (83 taxa) and 10.8% (10
more » ... xa) and 10.8% (10 taxa) respectively. Family classification was the most of compositae of 8 taxa, and life form classification was most of herb of hemicryptophyte species. The classification by using parts were 34 taxa of root use and the classification of efficacy utilization was 24 taxa of Cheongyeolyak (heat-clearing drug) use.
doi:10.7783/kjmcs.2013.21.4.268 fatcat:erfrgwbsu5abfkjukwuigzge2m