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1908 Journal of the American Medical Association  
said that (1) many cases of so-called functional knee symptoms are due io reflex atrophy of the quadriceps following injury. (2) The term relaxed knee-joint should be reserved for such cases. ( 3 ) The injury may be so slight that its etiologic relation is over¬ looked. (4) The atrophy following injury can in many cases not be explained by the theory of inactivity. (5) Cure of these cases will be brought about by the restoration of the normal volume and strength of the quadriceps extensor. (0)
more » ... ceps extensor. (0) In some cases recovery is so protracted as to warrant belief in material damage to the central nervous system. While in such cases endeavors are necessarily limited to treatment at the periphery, ultimate recovery may be expected to follow persevering and Avell-directed effort. Treatment of Diffuse Suppurative Peritonitis. Mo., reported 22 cases, 16 of them surgical. Autopsy Avas per¬ formed on the majority of the 22. Pulmonary embolism oc¬ curred in these cases at intervals varying from one to twentyeight days. Two of their patients recovered, but tAventy died, the interval being the onset of pulmonary symptoms and death A'arying from a few seconds to twelve hours. The symptoma¬ tology is considered, as is also the prophylactic treatment. included under the term extrauterine pregnancy all fecundations Avhich were situated out¬ side the uterine cavity. He said that uninterrupted extrauterine pregnancy is but rarely recognized, and then usually by mere accident. He had never palpated a tubai pregnancy prior to the occurrence of symptoms due to the pathologic implantation of the ovum, except in one instance, a double tubai gestation. In this case, however, the right tubai gesta¬ Downloaded From: by a University of Leeds User on 05/17/2015 examination held at Phoenix, Oct. 7-8, 1907. The number of subjects examined in Avas 9; total number of questions asked, 90; percentage required to pass, 75. The total number of can¬ didates examined Avas 5, all of whom passed. The following colleges were represented: passed. Year. Per College. Grad. Cent.
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