Foreign Language Perception Of University Teachers Of Music And Foreign Languages

Petra Besedova
2020 unpublished
Perception belongs to the complex and complicated psychic procedures actively participating on a certain reality construction. Perception of foreign languages is a very complicated phenomenon, which has a sensory character and can act with only two senses presented -hearing and vision. Such perception character is based on an ability to integrate the hearing sound firmly into the category of a certain phoneme without letting it uncategorized. We considered some of these facts and focused our
more » ... and focused our current research on the perception of characteristic foreign language melody. Our main research aim is to describe the results of our experiment focusing on perception of foreign language material by the university teachers. Our research was done on 90 university teachers in the Czech Republic divided into 3 groups: teachers of music, teachers of foreign languages and teachers of other university subjects. The research was conducted in the following way: the teachers listened to 10 random audio examples of various foreign languages, including both tonic and non-tonic languages. The results did not confirm our expectations that the teachers of music would perceive tonic languages as more positive than the rest of the teachers. Our presumption was based on the fact that the teachers of music work more actively with melody, consequently their listening abilities are more sensitive towards the perception of tones and melodies simply because they are more trained for such differentiations. Since the perception of foreign languages still belongs to the marginal field of linguistic and didactic interests, it is necessary to undergo more research work and experiments, which could provide other possible views and answer to more questions about foreign language perception.
doi:10.15405/epiceepsy.20111.16 fatcat:3ghbofjaebh3vp377o2vmhqx44