Diyabet ve Seyahat

Sibel Şentürk, Derya Bıçak, Derya Akça
2018 Arsiv Kaynak Tarama Dergisi  
Diabetic patients must make special travel arrangements and allowances that their nondiabetic counterparts need not do. However, such advance planning can help minimize diabetic complications and prevent emergencies that may occur while away from home, thus ensuring a pleasant travel experience. According to the studies, problems suggested for diabetic travelers are increased risk of infections and metabolic dysregulation. International long distant travel can pose particular problems for
more » ... problems for individuals with diabetes, especially for those on insulin. Confusion on insulin dosing, change in time zones, the consequent change in meal times, changes in climate and weather conditions, remain still for a long time and may pose problems with glycaemic control. In this review, problems that may arise related to travel and solution proposal in diabetes patients and recommendations for nursing care were examined.
doi:10.17827/aktd.396191 fatcat:aayh3a5bangktacxh7aeers6te