Zener tunnelling in graphene based semiconductors – the k·p method

William Vandenberghe, Bart Sorée, Wim Magnus, Guido Groeseneken
2009 Journal of Physics, Conference Series  
Electron-hole duality during band-to-band tunneling process in graphene-nanoribbon tunnel-field-effect-transistors Deblina Sarkar et al -This content was downloaded from IP address on 23/07 Abstract. The carbon nanotube and graphene nanoribbon band structure is derived using the two-band k · p method and shown to have a similar band structure as a III-V semiconductor. Contrary to a previous claim, it is shown that the tunnelling probability is lower for a graphene based
more » ... ene based semiconductor than for a III-V semiconductor with the same bandgap. Considering the relation between the bandgap and the effective mass we conclude that a graphene based semiconductor is not well-suited for a classical device which suffers from Zener tunnelling, but is rather promising for a device which has its working principle based on Zener tunnelling.
doi:10.1088/1742-6596/193/1/012111 fatcat:3hx6nip7dbepperhza4g2nxlmy