Coloured and Gray Scale Image Steganography using Block Level DWT DCT Transformation

Anuradha Goswami, Sarika Khandelwal
2016 International Journal of Computer Applications  
Piracy is a big threat to the original contents. This multi-model approach interleaves some frequency domain watermarking strategies to counteract shortcomings of one strategy by the advantages of other. The original image is divided into spatially disjoint blocks. Watermarking is a way of embedding a mark that hides information in a multimedia carrier. Major issues in Image watermarking are to increase the robustness visual attacks. Image The Proposed algorithm presents Hybrid Discrete wavelet
more » ... transform and Discrete cosine transform based watermarking technique to obtain increased imperceptibility and robustness compared to DWT based watermarking technique. The idea of inserting embedding image in combined transform is based on fact that joint transform eliminates drawback of each other and secret information is hidden in High frequency area which signify the noise in image and characteristics of image is not changed.
doi:10.5120/ijca2016911205 fatcat:v6pkfohknjdn5bsnbiu4zixjm4