Case of Phthisis Pulmonalis, Cured, with Remarks

1834 Boston Medical and Surgical Journal  
aged about twenty-five years, is of slender proportions, fair complexion, and gcnile dispositions ; and has been employed for a considerable lime as a footman. About two years ago be had a pleurisy, attended by cough and the usual train of symptoms, which he says was brought on by cold ; and for which he was bled at the time, and also blistered. By these means he got rid of the pain, and his cough was considerably mitigated, but was not completely removed. His general health and strength,
more » ... r, were restored, so far as to enable him to continue in his situation, and to take another after he had left the one he was then in. About three months ago he came to me with the following letter from my friend Mr. Hammond, of Whetstone. " My dear sir,-The bearer of this is a footman of Mr. Sevan's, who has had inflammation of the pleura, or diseased lungs. " The part of the house which he inhabits at Belmont is damp, and unfit for him. I have therefore sent him to the London house, to be under your care. "The blood taken from his arm was highly inflamed. The pain he complains of is in the back of the chest. His bowels want opening now ; and a plaister with Spanish-fly ointment, or a blister, perhaps you will approve. Take him in hand and attend him, on Mr. Bevan's account. " I first gave him calomel and James's powder, and since that salines, wilh tincture of digitalis. I fear he is in a consumption ; at all events he is consumptive.
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